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    Your In-Game name? Bams

    Your First Name: Sebastian

    Your Nationality? Sweden

    Your Steam64 ID? 76561197960287930

    Your Date of Birth? 1990/05/04

    Why do you want to join a community/clan? I enjoy being with a group of people, all vying for the same thing which is fun seriousness

    Why did you choose to apply for ToG? I’ve heard that ToG are really cool dudes whilst also being really skilled in the game.

    What day/s of the week do you intend to play? every day except weekends. Although i will be able to make time for ccfn’s

    How many hours a week do you intend to play? 3-4 hours generally

    Have you played with ToG before? Yes on occasion.

    Is there a ToG-Member that can vouche for you? If YES then who: Skin



    Hello and Welcome,

    Thanks for putting in an app to join those other guys. As part of our application process our in-house anti cheat team will now begin background checks.

    You should have now been sent the Team Speak information and read the Server Rules.
    To show to players and current clan members you may now wear the ToGr tags during your recruitment period
    If during your application you decide you do not want to join, please just let us know.

    Now that you have started your application process please remember you’ll need to be active during this stage. If you are not seen for more than two weeks then your application will be cancelled. If you are going to be absent at all throughout your trial period then please inform a clan member.

    Again thank you for submitting your application, we’d like to wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing you on TS and in game.

    TOG Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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